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This Is How You Get White People To Apologize For Slavery

It's a lot easier than you'd think.

In honor of Black History Month, one courageous man is walking into classrooms, collecting apologies for slavery.

Using a simple format — "When I say 'slavery,' you say 'sorry'" — he's had some surprising success.

Responding each time with, "It's OK, guys."

Or even a simple, "Thanks."

The back-and-forth chant was actually first used in an SNL sketch called "28 Reasons," where Keenan, Jay, and Sasheer list 28 reasons to hug a black guy.

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Reason 1: We deserve a chance

Reasons 2-28: Slavery

But with the sketch airing over a year ago, it's safe to assume that these Vines have popularized the chant, even encouraging others to try it out.

And now we're all one step closer to racial harmony.