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This Is How USA Fans Reacted To The Draw Against Portugal

"Damn you Ronaldo and your perfect face, hair and body"

With just more than 30 seconds left in the USA–Portugal match on Sunday, Portugal scored a heartbreaking equalizer that squandered USA's chances of automatically moving on to the next round of the World Cup.

USA fans couldn't believe it.

30 seconds away from a win...... Are you kidding me #USA


Some were mad at Team USA...

I am so mad right now its unbelievable! USA had that game, but got complacent! GRRRRRRRRRRR....

Some turned their anger toward Portugal...

I'm so beyond pissed off. I hate you Portugal.

While others blamed Ronaldo, who had the assist on the game-tying goal...

And his perfect face, hair, and body.

Damn you Ronaldo and your perfect face, hair and body

But the vast majority were just completely fed up...

soccer is stupid sports are stupid everything is stupid I hate you

And vowed to never watch soccer again.

Jesus M. Christ, I'm never watching a soccer match again. What a show of horror. Five lousy seconds and it's all a waste. #WorldCup2014

actually watched soccer the whole 90mins because USA, and.... never watching again

PSA: I hate soccer and will never watch it again as long as I live.

And, of course, some believed Team USA was jinxed.

I blame the commentator who said “In 20 tries, USA hasn't won a game where they conceded the first goal” right before that goal. Jinxed it.

commentator jinxed it with "this will be one of the greatest wins in history for the USA"

Ugh. Thanks, Brian.

Brian jinxed the entire USA soccer team. Communist.