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    This Cris Carter And Adam Schefter One-Handed Catch Contest Is The Best Thing Ever

    Keyshawn Johnson is also there.

    On Sunday, ESPN Countdown had a segment where Cris Carter faced off against Keyshawn Johnson in a one-handed catch contest — a drill they used to do during warm-ups.

    And it started off pretty lopsided, as Cris Carter snagged two clean catches, leaving Keyshawn looking like an amateur.

    But after a ball sailed away from CC, Keyshawn was able to make things a little interesting.

    And with both players catching the fourth ball, we had a legit contest brewing.

    Well, sort of. Cris Carter finished things off going 4-5, and Keyshawn slapped at the last ball, going 2-5.

    And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they invited NFL Insider Adam Schefter to partake in the contest. He was able to make a catch after some quick tips from Carter.

    And with his adrenaline pumping, Schefter decided to try to do it one-handed and, well, this happened:

    Oh, Adam, you slay me.

    Watch the video here: