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Things That Only Make Sense When You're Really Drunk

Hey there, stranger. Let me tell you everything about my life.

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Liking photos of people you haven't talked to in years.

Or photos of people you don't even know.

Making ridiculously ambitious plans for the next day.


And then making sure the other person is really gonna do it because you're definitely going to.

Attempting to show off random acts of strength.

Or demonstrating a skill you used to do when you were a child.


Surprise! You can't do it anymore.

Full-on running to the next destination.


Or ducking out without telling anyone.

Getting into a very serious debate about something really stupid.

Asking an outsider's opinion on something you and your friends are debating and using that as the final verdict.

Staying completely silent even though you're in a crowded room.

Talking to yourself. Out loud.

Or talking to a complete stranger.

And being really open with them.

Shouting at strangers.


Attempting to choreograph a new dance with your friends.

Playing "Don't Stop Believin'" on repeat.

Shouting karaoke songs.

Buying something completely useless online.

Falling asleep on the street.

Telling everyone how you really feel about them.

Crying in public because no one understands you.

Stripping in public.

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Stealing things that are anything but discrete.

Handing out your number to someone you literally just met two minutes ago.

Not giving a care in the world about money.

Texting your ex.

Lying about being drunk.

Making outrageous fast-food mashups.

And then eating them.

Kicking down doors.

Breaking into your own home.


Doing completely unnecessary things to try and stay quiet.

Sleeping with all of your clothes on.

And not setting an alarm.

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