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    Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Aug 1, 2014

    The A-B-C's Of Chicago

    M is for Millennium Park. And J is for Jordan, obviously.

    A - Art Institute

    Scott Olson / Getty

    The Art Institute of Chicago holds one of the largest collections of Impressionist paintings in the world. But more importantly, it was the location of this famous scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

    B - Buckingham Fountain

    Peter Stasiewicz/Peter Stasiewicz

    Dedicated in 1927 and located in the center of Grant Park, this landmark is one of the largest fountains in the world. Imagine how many wishes it holds. Probably, just, so many.

    C - Concerts

    D - Deep Dish Pizza

    Flickr: joshb / Via Creative Commons

    It's not the only pizza we eat, but we'll happily defend its honor.

    E - Elevated Train

    Flickr: needoptic / Via Creative Commons

    Known simply as "The L." Sometimes Batman drives under it. Or rather, Bruce Wayne. *wink*

    F - Ferris Wheel

    Flickr: anhgemus-photography / Via Creative Commons

    Fun Fact: The first ferris wheel was designed and constructed in Chicago. Suck it, posers!

    G - Great Chicago Fire

    Hulton Archive / Getty

    The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 nearly destroyed the entire city and was one of the largest U.S. disasters of the 19th century. But we rebuilt and now we're bigger and better because of it.

    H - Hot Dog

    Scott Olson / Getty

    Our food is just better than yours. Now get out of here with that ketchup.

    I - Improv

    Flickr: travelinglibrarian / Via Creative Commons

    Some of the greatest comedians of our time got their start at Chicago's Second City club and it continues to be a launching point for up-and-coming funny people.

    J - Jordan

    Jonathan Daniel / Stringer

    The greatest of all time.

    K - Kanye West


    The self-proclaimed greatest of all time. Thanks for the love, Yeezy.

    L - Lake Shore Drive

    Flickr: cmozz / Via Creative Commons

    Chicago is super pretty, you guys.

    M - Millennium Park

    Logan Rhoades

    We made a bean famous. A bean! Chicago is amazing.

    N - Navy Pier

    Flickr: cseeman / Via Creative Commons

    Where you can ride the 150-foot ferris wheel, watch a Shakespearean play, take a scenic cruise, go shopping, watch an IMAX movie, and finish off the night with some food and a drink at the beer garden.

    O - Oprah

    Kevin Winter / Getty

    The queen of Chicago and daytime television. While on air, The Oprah Winfrey Show was the highest-rated talk show in American television history. You da man, Oprah.

    P - Picasso

    Flickr: 62689614@N02 / Via Creative Commons

    Although no one is really sure what this sculpture truly represents (thanks for the ambiguity, Pablo), it has become a staple of the city.

    Q - Quenneville

    Bruce Bennett / Getty

    Joel Quenneville, aka "Coach Q," aka "The Mustache."

    R - River

    Scott Olson / Getty

    The most beautiful green river in the nation. And probably the world. (For a few days, at least). And when it's not St. Patrick's Day, this river is still the coolest.

    S - Sears Tower

    Scott Olson / Getty

    I'm sorry, but that's what it's called. "Willis Tower" is for tourists and for people who don't know the name of this building.

    T - Taste of Chicago

    Flickr: peterfuchs / Via Creative Commons

    The Taste of Chicago is the world's largest food festival, making it an incredible event to people-watch.

    U - Union Station

    Flickr: jstephenconn / Via Creative Commons

    This is Chicago's railroad station. There are many like it, but this one is Chicago's.

    V - Variety

    Flickr: vonderauvisuals / Via Creative Commons

    You want good food? Chicago's got it. You want art? Chicago's got it. You want to play chess before an outdoor football game and then go to a bar with dueling pianos? Well you can do that in Chicago.

    W - Wrigley Field

    AP / Joe Raymond

    The ivy and the atmosphere make Wrigley "The Friendly Confines" of Chicago. There's really no place like the home of the Cubbies.

    X - Super Bowl XX

    Paul Natkin / Getty Images

    The '85 Chicago Bears dominated the New England patriots 46-10 in Super Bowl XX. It was the greatest football team ever of all time in the history of the universe.

    Y - "You Guys"

    Flickr: stuckincustoms / Via Creative Commons

    You guys know what I'm talking about.

    Z- Zoo

    Flickr: opacity / Via Creative Commons

    The Lincoln Park Zoo has tons of animals, including but not limited to polar bears, leopards, lions, a baby rhino, and the nation's mascot, a bald eagle.

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