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The Silver Lining For Fans Of Every NFL Team That Didn't Make The Playoffs

You have to look at the positives, people!

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Arizona Cardinals

Gene Lower / Getty

Tyrann Mathieu, y'all. Tyrann Motherfuckin' Mathieu. Not only was he NOT a bust, but he put together a phenomenal rookie season before going down with a knee injury in early December. Dude's legit and every team is now kicking themselves for not taking him. He also has one of the best nicknames in sports ("Sugar Weasel").

Atlanta Falcons

Kevin C. Cox / Getty

The Falcons rushing game LITERALLY cannot get any worse unless they hired a truck driver to just drive the ball backwards through the wall of the stadium on every possession. So there's that.

Baltimore Ravens

Patrick Smith / Getty

Kicker Justin Tucker is clutch city. In fact, from now on, let's call Tucker "Ice Man" because that's how he plays: ice cold, no mistakes. He's so good, he single-footedly beat the Detroit Lions. The unstoppable, juggernaut Detroit Lions.


Chicago Bears

Jonathan Daniel / Getty

Alshon Jeffery has emerged as one of the most exciting receivers in the game. And go ahead, blame this season on the defensive injuries. That won't happen again. Fluke year. Fluke year.

Cleveland Browns

Diamond Images / Getty

Maybe the Browns will only play TWO quarterbacks next season and NOT fire their coach after giving him only a single year to prove himself. That sure would be something, huh?


Houston Texans

Thomas B. Shea / Getty

The Texans have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and by Week 3 of next season, they could already have more wins than last year. How neat is that? I say super neat. Hooray for improvement!

Miami Dolphins

Tom Szczerbowski / Getty

Turns out tight end Charles Clay is way better than expected. Like, way, way better. Good job, Charlie. And Richie Incognito is no longer on the team. Once again, progress.


New York Jets

Joel Auerbach / Getty

The Mark Sanchez era is officially over. Hah! How great does that feel, Jets fans? Congratulations. And if Sheldon Richardson isn't the Defensive Rookie of the Year, it will be a travesty. And did I mention that he's also third on the team in rushing touchdowns? Because he is. We're not worthy, Sheldon Richardson. We are not worthy.

Oakland Raiders

Jason O. Watson / Getty

Running back Rashad Jennings turned out to be an all-around threat and will likely be a solid force in the Raiders backfield in the future. Sorry, Darren "I am made of glass" McFadden, but you have been voted off of the island by angry fantasy owners. Please take your things and leave.

Terrelle Pryor can do some cool things sometimes.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Wesley Hitt / Getty

Le'Veon Bell has the potential to be something special and Antonio Brown is now a name that people are paying attention to. "Antonio Brown," they say to themselves. "How about that Antonio Brown?"


Tennessee Titans

Wesley Hitt / Getty

Since Kenny Britt dropped so many passes, the Titans won't have to pay him a lot of money to stay on the team. So that's good. Kendall Wright had over 1,000 receiving yards and almost 100 catches. Now THAT actually is good. Like, really good.

Washington Redskins

The Washington Post / Getty

Mike Shanahan is no longer doing... whatever it was that he was doing. He gone! RG3 almost played a full season. He almost made it, man. Is next year the year? Maybe.