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The Most Important Tinder Moments Of 2014

We should all just stop using this now.

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1. OK, now you're speaking my language.

2. You don't fool me, truck.

3. Shhh... say no more.

5. Talk about a million dollar idea...

6. I mean, somebody's got to ask the important questions.


9. This man is the voice of our generation.

10. It's the little things in life...

11. Kindred spirits.


13. It's... it's perfect.

14. You lost it for yourself.

15. Coming on a little strong there, bud.

16. Eric's just keepin' it real.

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18. Good luck with that.

19. This isn't awkward at all.

20. You know what I want, burrito.

22. Sometimes trouble can be fun.

23. You had me at...

25. Not another pick-up line.

26. Don't ask questions you already know the answer to. Or any questions at all. Like, ever.

27. When you know, you know, you know?

28. Is that you, Jake from State Farm? We should have NEVER TRUSTED YOU!

29. It's not the best move, but it's all he's got.

30. I hope this went on, and on, and on, and on...

31. You don' goofed, Austin.

32. It's what he would have wanted.


33. Just give me a second while I Slytherinto something more comfortable.

34. And, of course, Charlie.

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