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The Most Creatively Choreographed Celebrations In Sports

High fives are overrated. When's the last time you saw someone deliver a soccer ball baby? Or use an imaginary tommy gun to kill everyone around him?

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Solo celebrations:

He's his own biggest fan. And possibly the team's only fan, as well.

Apparently applauding yourself is the newest trend overseas.

"Ask me how my dip taste." - JaVale McGee. Maybe.

Terrell Owens and his infamous end zone autograph.

I would love to see all NHL players "ride the stick" after a goal, like Tiger Williams.

He took, like, no time to line up that shot. I seriously doubt he hit his target.

It's all about the little things in life. Like celebrating your only point in a table tennis match by dancing for a ridiculous amount of time.

I don't know who this is, but I want him to teach me how to breakdance immediately. And also teach me how to play rugby. But mostly breakdancing.

This is the celebration you get when the goalie comes out on a breakaway and wipes out the the puck before the shooter even knows what happened to him.

Roger Levesque pretending to go scuba diving is now my favorite way to celebrate a goal.

Aldon Smith didn't want to get flagged for "excessive celebration," so he sprinted to the bench following his sack. Pure genius.

With a partner:

Maurice Greene ran so fast his shoes caught on fire and had to be extinguished.*

*Not based on facts.

The corner flag has been used before, but as a sword to knight someone? Come on. That's pretty clever.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you turn any game into a wrestling match. Just do... whatever move that was.

With the whole team:

The players from Stjarnan F.C. have taken goal celebrations to a whole new level. Get ready to see them a lot in this post.

Prince Fielder drops the bomb on his entire team after a walk-off home run.

It's a human stationary bike. And No.7 is doing...?

See, boys can give birth.

The Calgary Football Bobsled Team really needs to work on their entry.

Did you score today, honey? "No, but I got to be the toilet seat!"

Okay, now take everyone out:

He's the Mike Tyson of imaginary boxing your teammates.

Whoa. Plot twist. Didn't see that assassination coming. Well done, boys, Well done.

How many weapons does this guy have? I feel like he used brass knuckles, then a knife, then a handgun, and finally a tommy gun. Very impressive.

And Shaun White doing the impossible on a victory lap:

How do you celebrate winning an Olympic gold medal? Oh, how about landing a spiraling Double McTwist 1260 on your victory lap? Yep. That's Shaun White for ya.

Now that's how you celebrate.