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    Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Sep 17, 2014

    The Mac 'N Cheese Bread Cone Is Literally Heaven On Earth

    It's a dream come true!

    This is a macaroni and cheese bread cone.

    Formerly available at Walt Disney World, this gooey gift from the gods is served in a medium-size drink cup, with an option to add bacon because we are all blessed.

    I mean, just look at it.

    Look at how magnificently the macaroni and bacon blend together in the cone of bread.

    Unfortunately, due to a rotating menu, the macaroni and cheese bread cone is no longer available, but Cozy Cone Motel in Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort has similar bread cone items.

    This is the fiesta chili-cheese bread cone with chips.

    It's no wonder this is the happiest place on earth.

    Special thanks to the Disney Food Blog

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