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    The Different Pressures People Feel Regarding Body Image

    "To make it look like we don't struggle."

    In honor of Body Week here at BuzzFeed, we asked people, "What body image pressures do you feel?" Here are their responses:

    1. "I have never felt skinny enough."

    2. "To make it look like we don't struggle."

    3. "Having a perfect boob-to-butt ratio (also just being skinny)."

    4. "That anything less than strong and skinny means you're not trying hard enough."

    5. "I don't have a 'womanly figure' and think I look like a boy from behind."

    6. "I want to be taller. I feel stocky."

    7. "I feel like I can never gain weight because I feel like I should always be smaller than my boyfriend."

    8. "I am pretty happy with my body but it would be cool to have more defined arms and a bigger booty. Guess I'm never happy enough TBH."

    9. "I feel no pressure."

    10. "To be hella 'swole.'"

    11. "To be as thin and tiny as possible."

    12. "I still feel like I need the 3 A's to be a good gay guy: arms, abs, ass."

    13. "Be quieter and take up less space — LOL."

    14. "I dye my eyebrows (no joke)."

    15. "I love my body. (You should too!)"

    16. "To always be thinner, but I aspire to focus on being healthy, happy, and proud to take up space."

    17. "I used to feel A LOT of pressure to be very thin - until I realized I don't give a f*ck! (Happy to be healthy.)"

    18. "Being taller and having more of a muscular build."

    19. "Look like a porn star."

    20. "I wish I was: taller, thinner, more fit, 'put together,' but I try to love myself every day."

    21. "People are more interested in me being skinnier than being happier."

    Special thanks to everyone involved in this post and to anyone willing to share their own struggles in the comment section below.