The Defining Moments In Durag History

    A salute to the men and women who paved the way for waves.

    This morning, at 6:42 a.m., it officially became #DuragHistoryWeek.

    A week dedicated to the greatest durag-wearers of all time...

    First off in #DuragHistoryWeek we have Sammy Davis Jr.

    And the most memorable moments in durag history.

    rare photos of moses controlling all types of waves. #DuragHistoryWeek

    There is, of course, when R. Kelly rose out of the desert to greet the sun gods with his luscious sky blue durag and egyptian cotton headdress scarf.

    If this isn't the pinnacle of the durag's Golden Age, then I don't know what is. #DuragHistoryWeek

    The moment Beyoncé fell in love with Jay Z.

    Rare photo of what initially attracted Beyonce to Hov #DuragHistoryWeek

    When a durag was the only thing between 50 Cent and nine bullets.

    All of the songs off @50cent's legendary LP were written and recorded while draped in his durag #DuragHistoryWeek

    When Seagram's gin became an adult-version of the Happy Meal.

    RT @kc843: This was the greatest day in Durag history.

    When President Barack Obama became a man of the people.

    When you thinking about raising interest rates and you just got a fresh one #duraghistoryweek

    And when Kip became a man.

    There's also the time Justin Timberlake crossed over.

    When Justin Timberlake first became black, he was awarded the coveted stocking cap. #duraghistoryweek

    The days when Nelly was still in St. Louie.

    Legend says that nelly navigated to an uncharted island of hoes using his durag flap in the wind #DuragHistoryWeek

    Chamillionaire's career.

    Chamillionaire once known for his popular hit, lost all musical talent after he removed his durag #DuragHistoryWeek

    And let's not forget when the durag was literally the most important garment in the world.

    The finest durag the earth has ever seen. Respect the originator. #DuragHistoryWeek

    When it was a sign of hope.

    And brought everyone closer together.

    “@NovaNyce: A couple that waves together, stays together. #DuragHistoryWeek ”

    By unifying people of all races and color.

    #DuragHistoryWeek is unifying people of all races and color

    Plus, there's each and every time Vince McMahon put it on.

    Vince McMahon... billionaire. philantrophist. Lord of the Durag. #duraghistoryweek

    The untold stories of women in durag.

    The untold story of Women in Durag History, #DuragHistoryWeek

    When David Beckham met Prince Charles WHILE WEARING A DURAG!!!

    When Batman really began.

    RT @BlackDannyOcean: When the Joker trippin but you just left the barbershop #DuragHistoryWeek

    When it was used to empower our children.

    you gotta raise a child up in the ways of righteousness #DuragHistoryWeek

    And to fight aliens.

    The best of the best of the best, sir! #DuragHistoryWeek

    And when this brave warrior changed the whole damn game.

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