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    The Biggest Moments From The Boston Red Sox's Run To The World Series

    The highlights of every victory from the BoSox run so far.

    Game 1 ALDS: 12-2 victory over the Rays

    Everything went right for the Red Sox in Game 1. Or wrong for the Rays, depending on how you want to look at it.

    For instance, this was just great hustle by Stephen Drew to beat Matt Moore to the bag, and solid heads-up base running by Jonny Gomes to score all the way from second.

    Whereas this bases loaded walk was merely bad pitching by the Rays bullpen. Either way, the Red Sox dominated Game 1.

    Game 2 ALDS: 7-4 victory over the Rays

    Things got off to a quick start in Game 2 for Boston, thanks to a Pedroia sacrifice fly and a solo home run by Mr. David Ortiz in the bottom of the first.

    And then Dustin Pedroia was like, "Yeah, well, I play both sides of the ball, so let's see you do this," right before making a slick double play to end the seventh inning.

    And so David Ortiz hit another home run in the bottom of the eighth to put the game away. Classic Big Papi.

    Game 4 ALDS: 3-1 victory over the Rays

    After dropping Game 3, the Red Sox got off to a sluggish start in Game 4, but were finally able to break through on a wild pitch by Joel Peralta in the top of the seventh.

    Which led to the strangest celebration of the postseason.

    And on yet another sac fly by Pedroia, the Red Sox took a two-run lead in the ninth and were able to hold on for the win.

    Result: 2013 ALDS Champs.

    Game 2 ALCS: 6-5 victory over the Tigers

    After failing to score a single run in the first game, and lacking any kind of offense to start Game 2, things were not looking good for the Red Sox, as the Tigers took a 5-0 lead in the sixth. Also, that dude is a jerk.

    But then something amazing happened. In the bottom of the eighth inning with two outs and the bases loaded, David Ortiz hit a grand slam to tie the ball game, sending Boston into a frenzy.

    And with all the momentum firmly behind them, the Red Sox pulled off the incredible comeback on a base hit from Salty.

    ALCS Game 3: 1-0 victory over the Tigers

    Game 3 was boring until Mike Napoli stepped up to the plate and jacked a solo home run in the seventh inning. It was a great moment for his beard. And for the Red Sox, I guess.

    But it was mostly about his beard.

    And then Koji Uehara closed the game out, in typical Uehara fashion.

    ALCS Game 5: 4-3 victory over the Tigers

    After taking a couple days off, the beard was back with a solo shot to center in the top of the second inning to give the Red Sox an early lead in Game 5.

    Then in the bottom half of the inning, Jonny Gomes showed off his speed with an impressive grab on a deep fly ball to left field, saving what would have certainly been a double for Alex Avila.

    And in the fifth inning, pitcher Jon Lester recovered from a bobbled infield scoop with a nice flip-of-the-glove out at first, further proving that bunting never wins and that the Red Sox are also pretty good at defense.

    ALCS Game 6: 5-2 victory over the Tigers

    Game 6 was awesome because this was a thing that actually happened.

    And so was this grand slam over The Green Monster by Shane Victorino, giving the Red Sox a three-run lead heading into the eighth inning.

    Result: 2013 ALCS Champs.

    The World Series starts Wednesday, and based on what we've seen from the Red Sox this postseason, it should be one hell of an entertaining series.