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    Posted on Jul 17, 2013

    The Best Movie Trailer About A Baseball-Playing Korean Gorilla You'll Ever See

    Probably based on a true story. An awesome true story.

    A trailer came out recently for a Korean baseball gorilla movie called Mr. Go. I have no idea when it hits theaters because I do not speak nor read Korean, but here's basically what happens:

    Okay, so there's this girl. And she's friends with a gorilla.

    And they become the main attraction at the circus.

    But then buildings fall down.

    So they join a baseball team.

    And guess what...

    The gorilla is awesome at baseball!

    And so helicopter man is like, "Go back to the circus!"

    Then more stuff happens.

    And gorilla bomb.

    Basically, it's the best movie ever.

    Watch the trailer:

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