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The 42 Best Signs From The Boston Marathon

"We're back!"

1. The proclamation.

Today, we remember. Today, we run. We're with you, Boston. #WeRunTogether #BostonMarathon

2. The declaration.

3. The official sign.

4. The slogan of the city.

5. A question for the ages.

6. A little motivation.

7. A lot of motivation.

8. A hands-on project.

9. A sweet little compliment.

10. Taylor Swift's favorite sign.

11. Who loves ya?

12. An oldie, but a goodie.

13. Well aren't you sweet?

14. Stop running you will not.

15. The story of my life.

16. This fuckin' guy.

17. Some really solid advice.

18. Wait. Never mind.

19. Well now I'm confused.

20. Ugh. Thanks, Hector.

21. That's gross to think about.

22. Good luck with that.

23. My new life motto.

24. In case you need a little help.

25. Or something to look forward to.

26. The most Boston sign ever.

27. A bold-faced lie.

28. Wordplay.

29. Always a good idea.

30. The worst idea ever.

31. Too true.

32. Probably true.

A sign at the Boston Marathon....motivation if I ever saw it #alcohol

33. Definitely true.

34. They're both smiling. Just sayin'.

35. Dory knows what's up.

36. How rude.

37. OK, well now you've crossed the line.

38. So it's like that, huh?

39. Well I guess so.


As Jim Norcott ran down Boylston Street, his pregnant wife Sarah revealed they are having a...

41. The finish line.

This guy is awesome.

42. The only thing that matters.