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The 35 Best Signs From The NYC Marathon

Run, bitch!

1. So much greatness in one photo.

2. Walt has spoken.

3. Run, bitch.

4. Stop running you will not.

5. Do it for the wine.

6. You're doing great, person I don't know.

7. Overly attached cheerleader.

8. Solid pun. And advice.

9. Grumpy cat confession.

10. If Gosling doesn't motivate you, nothing will.

11. See, told you.

12. So that's what the fox says...

13. Surprise!

14. How I Ran A Marathon.

15. Run Sexy Bitch? Wait. Never mind. I see it now.

16. Dog advice.

17. Oh snaps.

18. Not the best advice, but I like it.

19. Have you heard that new Taylor Swift song?

20. Checkmate.

21. Ugh. Tell me about it.

22. Marathon POWER!

23. ONLY?!

24. OK, I see what's going on here...

25. This seems to be a running joke.

26. What if it was a lot?

27. You don't know that.

28. Thanks for nothing, Apple.

29. Is this true, Dos Equis?

30. The world may never know.

31. Well, obviously.

32. Does that come with fries?

33. You had me at "Free."

34. When in doubt, state the obvious.

35. And if you can't think of anything clever to say, that's OK...