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The 33 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow During The Winter Olympics

They're taking the #selfie game to an Olympic level.

Below are the best Instagram accounts to follow for the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. These accounts were chosen because they are active and offer a decent amount of uploads, have awesome photos, and give you a neat behind-the-scenes look at the games.

Got it? Cool.

33. The Olympics Official Account

32. Sochi 2014

31. Team USA

30. U.S. Snowboarder Shaun White

29. U.S. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson

28. U.S. Snowboarder Kelly Clark

27. U.S. Snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg

26. U.S. Snowboarder Hannah Teter

25. U.S. Snowboarder Greg Bretz

24. U.S. Snowboarder Taylor Gold

23. U.S. Alpine Skier Julia Mancuso

22. U.S. Alpine Skier Travis Ganong

21. U.S. Alpine Skier Mikaela Shiffrin

20. U.S. Alpine Skier Steven Nyman

19. U.S. Freestyle Skier Heather McPhie

18. U.S. Freestyle Skier Keri Herman

17. U.S. Freestyle Skier Bobby Brown

16. U.S. Ski Jumper Sarah Hendrickson

15. U.S. Speedskater Jordan Malone

14. U.S. Figure Skater Jeremy Abbott

13. U.S. Women's Ice Hockey Player Hilary Knight

12. U.S. Women's Bobsledder Lolo Jones

11. U.S. Women's Bobsledder Lauryn Williams

10. U.S. Men's Bobsledder Cory Butner

9. U.S. Luger Kate Hansen

8. Canadian Snowboarder Spencer O'Brien

7. Canadian Snowboarder Dominique Maltais

6. Canadian Snowboarder Jenna Blasman

5. Canadain Snowboarder Mark McMorris

4. Canadian Speedskater Charles Hamelin

3. Australian Freestyle Skier Russ Henshaw

2. British Virgin Islands Skier Peter Adam Crook

1. Norwegian Snowboarder Torgeir Bergrem