The 24 Best Sports Moments Of The Year Involving Animals

We’ll never forget you, basketball otter!

Here are the best sports moments of the year involving animals, in no particular order. How much do you remember?

24. Remember when these two Labrador puppies joined a Turkish soccer match?

23. Remember when Lindsey Vonn put a baby squirrel on Tiger Woods’ shoulder?

21. Remember when a pine marten was caught trying to sneak onto the field?

20. Remember when this dragonfly avoided insurmountable death?

19. Remember when kangaroos took over the Australian Open?

18. Remember when that Husky wanted to play baseball?

17. Or when the German Shepherd actually thought he was playing baseball?

16. Remember this cool dog?

14. And don’t forget about batdog!

(RIP batdog)

12. Remember the cat in a box on a skateboard?

11. Remember that time Darnell Dockett brought a tiger to training camp?

10. Remember when Eric Berry bravely overcame his fear of the team’s mascot?

8. Remember when this tiny dog almost caused a massive crash at the Tour de France?

6. Remember the Dodgers’ dancing dugout bear?

5. Remember when Jimmy Fallon’s puppies correctly predicted the winner of the Super Bowl?

4. Remember when this bug wasn’t crushed to death by a tennis ball?

3. Remember when an inquisitive little fox ran onto the football field?

2. Remember when Astro got his very own bobblehead?

1. Remember when that sea otter dunked his little sea otter ball?

Man, what a year!

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