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The 24 Best Parts About Being A Teacher

"Children are all so unique, and being able to watch them grow and progress every day is the best feeling in the world."

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best part about being a teacher. Here are some of our favorite results:

1. That "oooooh" look on a student's face when they finally get a concept.

Submitted by Taylor Alexandria

2. The knowledge that I'm playing a little part in shaping a (hopefully) better future.

Submitted by Samantha Lea

3. Every day is different.

Submitted by CaliforniaCaitlin

4. Seeing a child blossom right before your eyes.

Submitted by Deborah Beatty

5. All the funny comments/compliments I get.

Submitted by laurak4211fa1a6

6. The daily hugs and high fives.

Submitted by jessicarosep

7. When the worst student in class finally has a break and behaves well for the whole day!

Submitted by nicolea4e2519bf9

8. All the ridiculous things my kids say.

Submitted by ryant431d83ad4

9. The priceless stories I get to share with my friends.

Submitted by ameliaw451773908

10. Receiving random gifts from the kids.

Submitted by morganbuehlera

11. When a student identifies your class as a place they feel safe. That might mean it's a place where they can escape tumultuous home lives, or it's a place where they aren't afraid to take risks, but either way it's a great feeling.

Submitted by Katelyn Elizabeth

12. When former students come back to see you because they care about you as much as you care about them.

Submitted by Manny Aquino

13. Seeing the kids helping one another, both academically and socially, is so gratifying.

Submitted by sarahm49e4a46cd

14. When students are excited about what you're teaching and want to show their work off to the world because they're so proud of it.

Submitted by Natalie Schwarz

15. Seeing a kid smile because you made them feel special.

Submitted by Kaite Lovett

16. Being the catalyst for change and growth.

Submitted by Melissa Anne

17. That moment when a wonderful idea comes to your mind and you expand on a topic with great discussions and they can't wait to learn more.

Submitted by Honora Quinn

18. The best part about teaching is that I can add my own personal "quirks" plus the quirks of my students within the content I teach.

Submitted by Julia Mazur Stevens

19. Knowing that kids feel comfortable coming to me to talk makes all of the other negative aspects of the job not seem so bad.

Submitted by jills47e06470c

20. Seeing the strategies, whether it be academic or behavioral, being used successfully.

21. When someone you have taught comes back years later and says, "you inspired me to be a teacher."

Submitted by Carolyn Nickelo

22. Watching students grow and mature.

Submitted by Mike Zinzahnknow

23. Developing friendships with my students that continue after they leave my class.

Submitted by mollyp4e13db336

24. And the fact that being a teacher is never boring.

Submitted by andriab

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