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    The 13 Most Unbelievable Sports Moments In Movie History

    I realize these are only movies, but COME ON!

    13. Smalls' First Catch - The Sandlot

    What Happens: Smalls explains to Benny that he can't catch, so Benny, being awesome at everything, including friendship, tells Smalls to stick his glove out and he'll take care of the rest. So Smalls stands there, raises his glove high into the air, and Benny hits the ball perfectly into the mitt.

    Why It's Implausible: I realize Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez is a legend among heroes, but to hit a ball perfectly into a mitt that far away, without the fielder moving at all, is damn near impossible. It's like bozo buckets for baseball, but on the hardest possible level of difficulty.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? Nothing can ruin this movie.

    12. Rocky's Last Fight - Rocky Balboa

    What Happens: Rocky Balboa fights the newly crowned world heavyweight champion, Mason Dixon. The two men go the distance and Rocky loses by a split decision.

    Why It's Implausible: Let's look at the facts. At this point in time, Rocky is in his fifties and hasn't boxed in 16 years. Sure, he's in good shape, but his opponent is in his prime and the current world champion. And even though Dixon injured his left hand in the second round, he still should have knocked out Rocky or at the very least won by unanimous decision.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? No, because it made us forget about Rocky 5.

    11. Edward Norton's Reverse Dunk - American History X

    What Happens: Edward Norton and his fellow skinheads play a game of hoops against some black guys in Venice Beach. Norton wins the game on a reverse dunk.

    Why It's Implausible: Edward Norton can barely dribble a basketball, so there's absolutely no way he could do this. Also, no man has ever worn jorts that long and performed a reverse dunk. It has never happened in the history of basketball.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? It doesn't ruin the movie, but it makes me laugh and that seems like the wrong reaction at this point in the film. Racism isn't a joke, y'all.

    Watch the clip HERE.

    10. The Floater Pitch - Rookie of the Year

    What Happens: Upon realizing that her son has now lost the ability to throw the heat, Henry's mom suggests that he "float it" instead. So he winds up, tosses a lollipop to the best hitter in the league, and the batter completely whiffs on it to strike out.

    Why It's Implausible: He's a professional hitter and he can't even make contact with an underhand toss? Are you kidding me? It's not even like he was thrown off by an off-speed pitch and was way ahead of it. He was literally licking his lips in anticipation. Dude should have knocked that sucker out of the park. Or at the very least, fouled it off.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? No. This is actually the most realistic part of the movie.

    9. Happy's Final Putt - Happy Gilmore

    What Happens: Happy shoots the ball off a Volkswagon windshield, it sails into the air and lands on a Subway banner, where it begins to trickle down some sort of Rube Goldberg set of pipes that leads the ball straight into the cup.

    Why It's Implausible: Okay, wow, where do I even start? First of all, do you know how difficult it would be to aim a bank shot like that? This isn't like throwing a bowling ball off a bumper; this is a relatively new golfer, shooting a ball with a hockey stick at a car windshield and knowing the precise angle, speed, and spot to strike the ball. And let's not forget that a tower just fell down in the middle of the green, that everyone is cool about it, and that its structure perfectly created a path for the ball to travel down.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? It's always bothered me and I will just leave it at that.

    8. The Knucklepuck - D2: The Mighty Ducks

    What Happens: Russ Tyler scores a goal using his patented knucklepuck shot.

    Why It's Implausible: This pains me to admit, but it's probably the worst hockey shot ever. It takes forever to set up, it's "hard to be accurate," it is the exact opposite of aerodynamic, and since it just flips end over end, the goalie would just need to stand in front of it to make a save.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? No, but I feel like an idiot for believing that this was the best shot in the world. I would probably be in the NHL right now if I didn't waste so many hours trying to master the knucklepuck.

    Watch the clip HERE.

    7. Halle Berry's Basketball Skills - Catwoman

    What Happens Halle Berry's cat-like senses transform her into a superstar basketball player, obviously, and a flirty game of one-on-one suddenly becomes a human (or cat-human) highlight reel.

    Why It's Implausible: If anything, having cat skills would make you worse at basketball. There is zero crossover between being a cat and being a Harlem Globetrotter.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? Everything about this movie ruins it. So, yes.

    Watch the clip HERE.

    6. The Whole Ghost Thing - Field of Dreams

    What Happens: The ghosts of baseball's past come to a field in Iowa to play a game together.

    Why It's Implausible: The ghosts of baseball's past come to a field in Iowa to play a game together.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? Yes. These are dead people playing baseball. Is that not weird to anybody else?

    5. The Crane Kick - The Karate Kid

    What Happens: It's the martial arts tournament championship and the score is tied. After two illegal blows by Johnny, Daniel gets into the crane position and kicks Johnny in the face to win the match. HIYA!

    Why It's Implausible: Okay, first of all, Johnny should have won this fight within the first 15 seconds. Are you really trying to tell me that a badass fighter can't beat a guy with one leg? And then there's the whole crane kick itself. Daniel didn't disguise it at all, and Johnny (reminder: he's a badass fighter) practically runs into the kick headfirst. This is the championship, right? Johnny had to beat other people to get here, correct? Okay, just checking.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? Absolutely. Before the crane kick, Johnny punched Daniel in the face, but it didn't count because that's an illegal move. "No kicks to the face" is in the rulebook and yet that's exactly how Daniel wins. It's a cool move, but it's total BS.

    Watch the clip HERE.

    4. Rocky's Basketball Skills - 3 Ninjas

    What Happens: When the gang was riding to school, some bullies took Emily's bike. You may know Emily as the girl Rocky loves. Those same bullies then snatch the basketball from Colt during recess and challenge him to a pick-up game, offering up the bike as a reward for winning. Rocky steps in, accepts the challenge, then gives the bullies 9 points AND the ball. Despite this, Rocky and Colt win.

    Why It's Implausible: Rocky literally flies through the air for a game-winning dunk from the free throw line. He also jumps, like, 15 feet in the air to block a shot.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? Naw. This scene is hilarious.

    Watch the clip HERE.

    3. All of Lil Bow Wow's Dunks - Like Mike

    What Happens: A 14-year-old orphan finds a pair of sneakers that have Michael Jordan's initials on the inside, and when he puts them on he becomes an NBA superstar.

    Why It's Implausible: Oh, I don't know. Maybe because that jump is impossible. Just look at it. He takes off like he was just shot out of a cannon. Also, you can't sign a 14-year-old to an NBA contract.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? Yes. Stop making this stupid movie.

    2. The Championship Game - Teen Wolf

    What Happens: No longer a teen wolf, Michael J Fox leads the Beavers to a championship over their bitter rival with two clutch free throws at the end of the game.

    Why It's Implausible: The Beavers should have lost that game by 200 points. Michael J Fox sucks at basketball and continually jumps on his teammates WHILE THE GAME IS STILL GOING ON, and then there's #55, who could literally not try any less. Zero effort given by this guy. I still don't understand how they won.

    Does This Ruin The Movie? A thousand times yes. It's by far the least realistic game in the history of cinema and everyone involved should be ashamed. And, no, the fact that a boy can turn into a werewolf and that makes him a good basketball player is not that weird to me. I don't know why either.

    Watch the clip HERE.

    1. All of the Air Bud Movies

    What Happens: A stray dog becomes a multi-sport athlete after he is finally given the love he deserves. Also, friendship.

    Why It's Implausible: I'm just going to pretend like a dog making it on to a team of people is not ludicrous and focus on the fact that one dog can play basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball, AND be good enough to start on all of those teams. That, to me, is the most ridiculous thing ever. That town has to be the least athletic town in America. Can you even imagine going home and telling your parents that you were cut because a golden retriever took your position on the team?

    Does This Ruin The Movie? I was fine with the first movie because I have a vivid imagination, but this franchise now has 13 films. 13! That's too many. And that fact ruins it for me.