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    The 10 Sports Moves Every 90s Kid Attempted

    Don't act like you never said, "It's Knuckle Puck Time."

    1. The Knuckle Puck

    "It's hard to be accurate, but it drives goalies crazy."

    2. The Annexation of Puerto Rico

    (Note: This could also be the name of any trick play)

    3. The Floater Pitch

    4. The Michael Jordan Arm Stretch

    (Note: This totally worked)

    5. The Happy Gilmore Golf Swing

    "So long, sucka. BOOM!"

    6. The Ham Porter Called Shot

    (Also noteworthy, Babe Ruth and the Squints "Point Everywhere" Called Shot)

    7. The Karate Kid Crane Kick

    "Sweep the leg, Johnny."

    8. The Angel Wings Flap

    One can only assume that this is the best way to summon angels.

    9. PICKLE!!!

    Purposefully getting yourself into a rundown, just so you can get out of it. Yep. Been there, done that. But you have to yell, "PICKLE!" That part is important.

    10. The Flying V

    (Note: Easily the hardest one to do by yourself)