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24 Reasons Why Elementary School Teachers Deserve More Appreciation

Do you know how long it takes to get sticky tack off a wall?

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1. Being an elementary school teacher is a tough, but rewarding job.

2. Aside from teaching the essential skills needed to advance further in life...

3. Elementary school teachers must also find ways to encourage creativity for their students.

4. And that's more than just introducing them to new books...

6. It's dressing up as a character so the students connect with the story in a more personal way.

7. Leading a book parade...

8. Throwing a publishing party for literary achievements...

9. Or giving each student his/her own cloud to hold.

13. All of which are just subtle reminders of the extra work teachers put in.

14. We also take for granted all the life skills taught during elementary school.

15. And often forget how meaningful and important the assignments can be.

16. Whether it's teaching everyone to work together, be respectful, keep things clean...

17. Or having each student contribute to the "Thankful Tree."

18. And if you don't think that makes an impact on these kids, then you're just plain wrong.

19. Because, at the end of the day, each classroom really is it's own family.

20. And like all families, there are some rough patches, but there's also a certain amount of trust and comfort in that relationship.

21. Teachers get to know their student's lives on another level.

22. And when they're gone, they're missed.

23. And even though those small moments of silence are wonderfully enjoyable...

24. Nothing can replace knowing that what you do on a daily basis is actually important and could be everlasting.