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    Struggling Little League Hockey Player Gets Some Help From A Friendly Ref

    Failing has never looked so cute.

    During a recent Montreal Canadiens game, the Timbits -- a young hockey league in Canada funded by Tim Horton's for children four to eight years old -- carried on the tradition of playing a quick game at intermission. Unfortunately, as the players were rushing out on to the ice, the goalie had a little trouble finding his footing.

    Thankfully, there was a photographer skating behind everyone, who was able to lend a helping hand.

    But as soon as he let go, the poor kid fell down again.

    Realizing the goalie gear was too much for the little guy, the referee skated over, picked the kid up and carried him over to the goal so he could fulfill his role as protector of the net.

    It was a pretty adorable moment.

    Watch the video here:

    (h/t Reddit)