Spider-Man Dominates Pick-Up Basketball Game

Spidey senses break ankles.

1. This is Spider-Man.

2. This is Spider-Man with Mary Jane.

3. This is Spider-Man with Gwen Stacy.

4. This is Spider-Man with the Green Goblin.

5. And this is Spider-Man with a basketball.

6. Do your thing, Spider-Man!

7. Okay, that’s not really Spider-Man. It’s actually the streetballer known as “The Professor”.

8. And he destroys people on the court for a living.

9. So, naturally, as Spider-Man, he would still make this kid look like an idiot.

10. Either way, it’s not that embarrassing. You either lost to a superhero or a professional streetballer. Glass half full, y’all. Glass half full.

11. Watch the video below:

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