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An Airtight Case That Forrest Gump Is The Best Fictional Athlete Ever

You can't argue with facts and logic based on science.

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Because his life was about so much more than sports, Forrest Gump is rarely mentioned in the same sentence as other great fictional athletes — Rocky, Roy Hobbs, Teen Wolf. But he was the most accomplished of them all. Think about it.

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He's easily on par with the guys from Chariots of Fire as a sprinter. I mean, that motherfucker ran out of his leg braces. His ground speed was so fast that it straight up destroyed steel bars.

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How about outrunning an airstrike? Because Gump did that too, while carrying his best good friend, who weighs, like, way more than a football. You think Air Bud could handle this kind of napalm?

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Not only was he the United States Table Tennis Player of the Year — an award you didn't even know existed until just now —


We're talking about unquestionably the best football player and table tennis champion in history — with clear talents in sprinting, MMA, swimming, hurdles, and ultramarathon endurance. Forrest Gump is Bo Jackson crossed with Usain Bolt crossed with AMERICA.

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