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23 Reasons Fluffy Corgis Are A Gift From Dog Heaven

23 fluffy corgis that you'll want to hug forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Everybody knows all dogs go to heaven, but where do dogs COME from? Well, most dogs come from other dogs, but fluffy corgis descend from dog heaven, like little angel-puff-cloud-dogs.

For example, this is Abbey. She is literally flawless.

And this is Mad Max. Mad Max is a girl (Maxine) and she is beautiful.

LOOK AT THIS FACE! It is the perfect amount of cuteness and extra fluff. Clearly a gift from dog heaven.

This is Mason. He is whatever the opposite of crossed-eyed is. He is a majestic beast.

Believe it or not, but this is not a stuffed animal. Shocking, I know.

OMG! Do you guys know about Marcel Le Corgi? He lives in London and he has all the friends in the world because this is what he looks like:

I mean, seriously. Look at this fluff. And those ears. Athena's got it going on.

DISCLAIMER: You cannot buy this dog. Butters The Fluffy Corgi is not for sale. Sorry for breaking your heart.

Fun Fact: Fluffy corgis are always cute, even when they don't get cake.

Did you know this butt was molded by Zeus himself? That's totally true and not made up at all.

This dog lives in Korea, further proving that fluffy corgis are the best cuddle buddies IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

I know what you're thinking. And the answer is, yes, this dog is a genius.

Y'all. Y'ALL! Look at that tail. It's like if a fox made love to a giant fluffy bunny and somehow created a puppy.

Who needs legs when you have a body like this?

Can you even imagine what it'd be like to hug a dog like this? Your heart would explode from too much love.

PSA: Fluffy corgi tongues are softer and better than all other dog tongues.

Normal dogs aren't allowed on the table. But fluffy corgis can do whatever they want because they are supreme animals.

In fact, it's been said that looking into their eyes is like watching the birth of an angel.

And many experts agree that the fluffy corgi was created as a living example of pure joy.


Go ahead, try to find a flaw in this excellent pup.

Seriously, y'all. Fluffy corgis are a gift and we need to treasure them.