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So This Is What A Brand-New Baby Gorilla Looks Like

It's like a very hairy little person.

On Saturday, Aug. 16, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden welcomed a new arrival to their family — a female western lowland gorilla.

Weighing just over 4 pounds at birth, the healthy baby gorilla is the second baby born to mother Ndjole, an 18-year-old western lowland gorilla, and the first for father Togo, a 25-year-old silverback western lowland gorilla.

The baby gorilla, who has yet to be named as of Wednesday afternoon, is now under the care of veterinarian Dr. Jennifer D'Agostino and the zoo caregivers after the mother failed to make a maternal bond with her in the first 24 hours. The team is working with the Gorilla Species Survival Plan to determine when the baby will be returned to a gorilla group or if she will be placed with a surrogate mother.