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47 Signs You're Never Ever Growing Up

You're never too old for a kid's menu.

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1. You love sleeping in.

2. Taking naps.

3. Footie pajamas.

4. And wrapping yourself up in a blanket burrito.

5. When it snows, you have to make a snow angel.

6. Or build the biggest snowman ever!

7. When it's springtime, you want to blow all the dandelions.

8. And when the trees start to change, you throw those maple helicopter seeds that fall to the ground.

9. When it rains, you stick out your tongue.

10. And secretly want to jump in every puddle.


11. Sometimes you have an overwhelming urge to skip down the street.

12. Or swing your arms back and forth really high while holding someone's hand.

13. You get excited when you see dogs.

14. And balloons.

15. And feel sad when they go away.

16. You can't go to the beach without playing in the sand.

17. And you always make sure that your sand castle has a moat.

18. You randomly yell, just for no real reason at all.

19. You know the importance of keeping a balloon off the ground.

20. And you'd be totally prepared if the floor suddenly turned into hot lava.

21. You never pass up an opportunity to pop bubble wrap.

22. Or hit a piñata.

23. Or dance wildly with your friends.

24. You often think about building a pillow fort.

25. And like to imagine what different clouds look like.

26. Your ears perk up every time you hear the ice cream truck.

27. You enjoy spotting out-of-state license plates.

28. There are days when you still think you might have superpowers.

29. You know most dark basements are probably haunted.

30. And you can't help but mess with someone who falls asleep early.

31. You get excited when you see Lucky Charms.

32. You would gladly partake in a Nerf battle.

33. And you always check out a store's toy section.

34. You have to restrain yourself from jumping on hotel beds.

35. You have to do a handstand in every pool.

36. And test how long you can hold your breath underwater.

37. You sometimes ask someone to time how long it will take you to go to the other room and come back.

38. No matter how big you are, you'll always try to ride a dog like a horse.

39. And you still sometimes throw tantrums when you don't get what you want.

40. You wish you still had recess every day.

41. And can't walk past a park without wanting to go down a slide or race across the monkey bars.

42. You're jealous of anyone who gets to drink out of a crazy straw.

43. Along with anyone who gets a piggyback ride.

44. And you would prefer a kid's menu at all restaurants.

45. Because there's never been a coloring book you couldn't fill.

46. Or a height chart you didn't want to test.

47. And you still randomly sing Disney songs.


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