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    Reebok Has A Line Of Shoes For Octopi

    It's the best way to increase sales. Four pairs is always more than one pair.

    This is an octopus.

    A super cool octopus.

    This is how an octopus walks.

    Go, buddy, go!

    Notice his lack of footwear?

    Zero footwear, sir.

    That's because octopi have tentacles instead of feet.

    Ocean facts.

    Which means octopi have never had the joy of breaking in a new pair of kicks.

    ...Until now!

    Reebok is proud to present the ATV19+.

    The official footwear of octopi everywhere.

    Like most luxurious things in life, though, these sneakers are EXCLUSIVE. In fact, Reebok doesn't even seem to sell them on its site anymore. And why would they? Octopi don't use computers.