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    Professional Football Player Draws Like A First Grader

    Showing off that Alabama education.

    This is Eddie Lacy.

    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    He was the star running back for the Alabama Crimson Tide before being drafted in the second round by the Green Bay Packers. And according to Darren Rovell, these are a few of the sketches he's done, which will be included in a new series of trading cards by Panini America:

    I'm not kidding. Those are actually his drawings. A 23-year-old man literally drew a stick figure with a triangle hat, and was like, "Yep. That looks dope. Next!" And can we talk about how funny it had to be to see a professional football player switch colored markers to write "Go Pack Go"? Man, I wish there were more. Oh wait...

    Okay, I made those last four up, but he really did draw the first two sketches. And to be honest, that helmet is probably way above his skill level, anyway. But, hey, Roll Tide, y'all. Roll Tide.