Presidents, Politicians, And Celebs Say Good-Bye To "The Colbert Report"

    Thank you for changing the world.

    After nine years and 1,447 total episodes, The Colbert Report ended last night with a star-filled send-off.

    Meanwhile, fans all across Twitter said good-bye to the show, including President Barack Obama:

    After nine years, the best source of "truthiness" is coming to an end. Congratulations @StephenAtHome.

    Former United States President Bill Clinton:

    #Farewell @StephenAtHome...But I know we'll meet again some sunny day. Your friend, PrezBillyJeff

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio:

    Congratulations on a great nine years, @StephenAtHome.

    Mindy Kaling:

    Peace out, dreamboat. Can't wait to see what's next. @StephenAtHome

    Michael Moore:

    Thank you @StephenAtHome for the best satire on TV. Thanks for the times you had me on. I could never keep a straight face! #ColbertGenius

    John Legend:

    Congratulations to @StephenAtHome, one of the most talented people I've ever been around. I love the Colbert Report and will miss it.

    Patton Oswalt:

    Here's what happened tonight: @StephenAtHome left his brilliant show to go do more brilliant stuff. We still get to see him all the time.

    Nancy Pelosi:

    The Nation mourns with tonight's #ColbertReport finale! #TBT in your honor, @StephenAtHome:

    Google, which made a virtual tour of the set via Google Maps:

    Hey @stephenathome, we made you something for your last show: #TheColbertReport on @GoogleMaps

    Ben & Jerry's:

    .@StephenAtHome and The #ColbertReport: 2 Peabodys, 6 Emmys, 1447 Total Episodes and unlimited laughter & memories. Thank You, Sir. #freedom

    Well, @StephenAtHome, you sure went out with a bang. Thanks for the #truthiness #ColbertReport

    The host of Comedy Central's nightly comedy series @midnight, Chris Hardwick:

    Mr. @StephenAtHome, I am honored to have followed you this last year. CONGRATULATIONS on an epic run at CC! I adore you, you mad genius.

    "Breakout Star of the Year" Billy Eichner:

    Let me take a RARE break from congratulating myself to say a huge congrats to the master @StephenAtHome. There is no one better on TV.

    Arianna Huffington:

    Who else but @StephenAtHome could have brought everyone from Henry Kissinger to Big Bird together for a final song?

    Keith Olbermann, who captured a great moment between Jon Stewart and Colbert:

    From the #Colbert Farewell: as a tape rolls, @StephenAtHome says farewell to Jon Stewart

    Chief International Correspondent for CNN Christiane Amanpour:

    What a send off, @StephenAtHome! Congratulations and looking forward to the next incarnation.

    The Smithsonian Museum, which will be displaying a portrait of Stephen Colbert in its gallery:

    #ColbertReport may have ended but @StephenAtHome’s portrait will live on at our @NPG

    And of course, Stephen Colbert, the character:

    You sure did, Stephen Colbert. You sure did. And we thank you for it.