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32 People You Wish You Had As A Best Friend

Never a dull day with these people.

1. The person who sends snapchats like this:

2. This girl:

3. The creator of this card:

4. This awesome kid:

5. This Red Lobster employee:

6. Doo Doo Dan:

7. This caped captain:

8. This clever magician:

9. This grandma, who will do whatever it takes to send a selfie:

10. Carter, the neighbor who just came over for a banana:

11. This ice bucket challenger:

12. The girl who picked out this birthday balloon:

13. This old man:

14. Matt:

15. The person who seamlessly removes your ex-boyfriend from pictures:

16. This BBQ man, who goes around the neighborhood like an ice cream truck:

17. The student who came up with this idea:

18. Nutella girl:

19. This ingenious Instagram friend:

20. This card-giver:

21. This baby:

22. This teacher:

23. This courageous man, who posed next to exposed butt cracks at a Magic: The Gathering tournament:

24. Frankenburreh!

25. This baseball buddy:

26. This supportive friend:

27. The kid who showed up to basketball camp wearing this:

28. This magical professor:

29. This loving dad:

30. The person who rigged up this ceiling-mounted Nerf gun that can be controlled by a smartphone:

31. The genius who created this adult-version Advent calendar:

32. And this guy: