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21 People Share A Secret They'd Like To Tell Their Mom

"I wish you could look in the mirror and see how I see you..."

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For many, Mother's Day is when we recognize the sacrifices and guidance our moms have given us. For others, it's a tough reminder of a relationship they never had or maybe one that has been lost. These are the secrets we wish to tell our mothers:

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"I wish we were closer like we used to be. I know it's my fault. I'm sorry."

"I regularly smoked pot in my bedroom while you were home and you never busted me once for it. Did you really never know or were you just playing it cool?"

"I wish we hadn't spent those 6 months not talking. Looking back, it was just time we shouldn't have wasted."

"I hope I'm making you proud, even though I still don't have a husband and a baby."

"OK, I admit it: I have had sex at the house before. But never in your bed." :)

"I see how close you and my twin sister are, yet we barely ever talk. I wish we were closer and I know it's mostly my fault for not trying harder. I love you even if I do a poor job of showing it on most days."

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

"I wish you had listened to me when I told you things you didn't want to know rather than accused me of lying or being dramatic. I wish you had encouraged me to be an honest person instead of an obedient woman. 'mothers are humans / who sometimes give birth to their pain / instead of children'."

"I know that I'm your favorite son. You don't have to hide it anymore."

"You're right, mom, I am still in love with him."

"When you traveled to 30 different stores to buy all the Pokémon cards you could find for me for Christmas one year, that was, and still is, one of the happiest moments of my life. I love you."

"I have some really stupid tattoos, two of which coincidentally reference suicide. Oops."

"I wish I'd spoken up when you said you could beat the addiction on your own. I knew you couldn't."

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

"I'm sorry I lied about his age. And am glad you have a sense of humor about it all. Love you!"

"I wish you had valued my integrity more than my reputation."

"Even though I know you don't believe in Mother's Day, and I respect the hell out of you for that, I still want to wish you a happy Mother's Day."

"You are the most important person in my life, and I would be absolutely devastated to lose you. That is actually my greatest fear. You're stronger than you know, and you are the very foundation for any successes I achieve. I hope that everything you've dreamed for comes true in what I do. I want to prove to the world that when you say I'm your biggest accomplishment, I truly am. Of all the things you've accomplished, I'm hardly the best thing you've done for this world, but I try every day to make sure that I stand by that."

"I'll never forgive you for choosing drugs over your family."

"I wish you could look in the mirror and see how I see you: Strong, beautiful, fierce, smart, amazing. I know you might not have accomplished all of your dreams — yet. But know that your daughters are so proud to call you their mother, that you are the light of our lives and you've made a difference. I love you."

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

"I wish I had a secret for her. Bitch knows everything."

"I love you and miss you every single day... but I really wish you hadn't taken out loans in my name."

"You have a huge heart and are always putting others first. I aspire to be as loving as you."

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