38 Panoramic Photos That Didn’t Quite Turn Out As Expected

Did your baby always have six legs?

1. There’s buttdog.

2. Centipede baby.

3. This misleading grip.

4. The man with a head coming out of his belly.

5. This mouth-breather.

6. The model under an invisibility cloak.

7. Y’all, I don’t even know with this one.

8. The perfect* selfie.


9. The man who was sawed in half.

10. The Thinker.

11. The dog with no head.

12. This short stack.

13. The little horse that could.

14. This bearded gentleman who looks like he got his face punched in.

15. Caterpillardog.

16. This grandma who sees EVERYTHING!

17. This stretched out tumbler.

18. This topless person.

20. The three-armed man.

21. And his son.

22. The lady with the longest legs in the world.

23. The man with the longest torso.

24. The headless camper.

25. This man who is disappearing right in front of our eyes.

27. This fivehead.

28. Stretch Armstrong’s sister.

30. Slinky dog.

31. The ocean from Inception.

32. This girl with an incredible wingspan.

33. This flying lady… thing.

34. This dog who knows exactly when to cross a street.

35. This man who is listening attentively and questioning you at the same time.

36. This baby who might be in the middle of traveling through time.

38. And OH MY GOD!!!

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