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OK, So This Is Definitely The Coolest Grandma On Instagram

"Stealing your man since 1928."

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And she is the coolest grandma on Instagram.

Not only can she totally pull off this high-fashion look...

But she's not afraid to dress down and keep it real.

Plus, her sock game is STRONG...

Her sundresses are incredible...

And she still knows how to have fun on a slip 'n slide.

She's basically the person we all want to be when we grow up.

Just look at her effortlessly rock this headdress...

This "high" class hoodie...

Is that Marilyn Monroe? No. It's baddiewinkle.

And she's blocking out the haters with dolla dolla bills, y'all.

Oh, and now she's eating 'em!

And if you don't like it, then baddiewinkle's got a message for you.

Stay real, baddiewinkle. Stay real.

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