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Nick Swisher Salutes Yankees Bleacher Creatures In Return To New York

Proof that not everyone hates the Yankees.

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During the first inning of the Indians/Yankees game yesterday, Nick Swisher (who signed a four-year, $56 million deal with the Indians last December) turned to the right field wall and saluted the Bleacher Creatures — a rowdy group New York Yankees fans who are known for their strict allegiance to the team.

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The "Swisher Salute" became Nick's signature move during his four-year stint with the Yankees, as part of the Bleacher Creatures' traditional Roll Call, in which the crowd chants the name of each of the Yankees' starting fielders until the player acknowledges the crowd in some way. Here's Swisher:


Unfortunately, his relationship with the Bleacher Creatures took a hit during his final games as a Yankee, where the one-time fan favorite was continually booed in back-to-back games, which ultimately led to Swisher publicly criticizing the fans, claiming that they blamed him for Derek Jeter's injury. This falling out left a bad taste in the mouths of Yankee fans and Swisher himself, who left for Cleveland shortly thereafter.

But after a warm welcome from the home crowd in his return to the Bronx on Monday, including an ovation before his first at bat, Swisher decided to put the bad blood behind him by giving the fans one last salute.

Jason Szenes / Getty Images

Awww... you guys are cute.