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    NBA Star Roy Hibbert Visits BuzzFeed To Apply For An Internship

    He was tall and nice.

    Once upon a time, NBA star Roy Hibbert tweeted his intentions to seek an internship at BuzzFeed.

    Getty / Joe Robbins

    And today, he dropped by the office to see what he thought of the place...

    And to discuss what his role might be.

    Twitter: @BuzzFeedBen

    Here he is explaining to Sports Editor Ben Mathis-Lilley his interest in replacing all baseball content with rhythmic gymnastics GIFs.

    He was all sweaty because meeting BuzzFeed President and Chief Operating Officer Jon Steinberg made him super nervous. JON STEINBERG!!!

    (Steinberg at left, BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti at right.)

    (NBA center Roy Hibbert is the one in the middle.)

    Many of us got photos with Roy Hibbert, because Roy Hibbert is nice.

    Note the semi-duckface.

    Of course, not everyone was brave enough to approach him, for he is big and they are small. Puny, even.

    BuzzFeed / Lauren Reiss

    But Roy Hibbert is a gentle man, and he did not smash our menfolk.

    BuzzFeed / Eric Harris

    BuzzFeed / Matthew Zeitlin

    Nor our womenfolk.

    BuzzFeed / Monica Sandler
    BuzzFeed / Jane Hwang

    He saw some old friends...

    All these nerds went to Georgetown, but only one of them was on the basketball team.

    And made some new ones.

    Soon, though, it was BUSINESS TIME: Two titans of industry, matching negotiating wits in a battle to the death.

    Roy Hibbert is a titan of industry...the dunking industry.

    Having agreed to the princely sum of $10 an hour, Roy Hibbert inexplicably signed his contract on the wall.

    And was promptly berated by a furious unicorn named Ben.

    But he was a part of the BuzzFeed team now!

    And the people rejoiced.