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Meet Olivier Giroud, The Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Soccer Player

He's so handsome it hurts.

This is Olivier Giroud, a French footballer who plays for Arsenal FC.

He has a knack for finding the camera.

Or maybe it's just that the camera loves him.

But I guess when you look like he does, it's hard NOT to be loved.

And he ALWAYS looks good.

Whether he's being serious.

Sitting in an ice bath.

Joking around.

Impersonating the Hulk.

Giving the peace sign.

Or just relaxing.

I mean, come on. Nobody looks like this.

Just look at how photogenic he is while jogging.

Hugging people.

And stretching.

And of course he looks good in the rain.

This dude even looks good when he's injured.

Heck, he can even make this outfit acceptable.

And this is what he looks like when he arrives to games:

And during pregame:

He's so handsome he makes other men look like little baby boys.

Just standing next to him automatically makes you less attractive.

Probably because he has an arsenal of poses.

Like this one where he flashes his half sleeve tattoo:

Or this one where he's trying to be serious:

And then there's the "hands on the hips, tongue out" pose:

The "I can't believe what's happening" pose:

And the supermodel pose:

And did I mention that he can wink?

And be adorable?

And has a six-pack?

Yep, Olivier Giroud is pretty much perfect.

And as a straight man, I have no problem calling him beautiful.

Because that's exactly what he is.

Olivier Giroud is a beautiful, beautiful man.