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Man Gets Launched Off "The Blob" For World Record Airtime

Holy crap!

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Walt Disney Pictures / Heavy Weights

All right, so to set this up, all you need to know is that "the blob" is a giant inflatable raft that you jump on in order to launch the person sitting on the far end into the sky. It's basically a staple at summer camps and you can get some decent air depending on how heavy and light the people involved are.

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And obviously, when you add more weight and a higher launch point, you get better results. Let the guys from Jackass explain:

But even the Jackass crew can't touch what a few guys in Switzerland accomplished in the summer of 2011...

Yep, that's a world record blob jump of 17 meters (or roughly 55.8 ft).

Even though this jump is a few year old, it's gaining some popularity on Reddit, and anything as awesome as this deserves another look.

Watch the video here:

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