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    Junior Hockey Coach Freaks The Fuck Out, Starts Throwing Sticks

    Bobby Knight would be proud of this outburst.

    During a recent Quebec junior league hockey game, Baie-Comeau Drakkar coach Eric Veilleux had a bit of a disagreement with an official, who explained a call and then skated away.

    The quick conversation apparently upset Veilleux so much that he started taking sticks from his own players and chucking them on the ice.

    One by one, Veilleux went down the line, aggressively taking his player's sticks and tossing them.

    After six sticks were gone, Veilleux finally calmed down (most likely because he was running out of ammo) and the outburst was over.

    The result of this incident was a $1,000 fine and a two-game suspension for Veilleux, but c'mon, that's totally worth it.

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