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"Proud Joe Biden" Steals The Spotlight At The State Of The Union Address

Obama might have dropped the mic, but Biden crept into the spotlight.

During the State of the Union on Tuesday night, Vice President Joe Biden once again proved why he's the people's champ.

In case you forgot, last year we were blessed with this gem:

This time around, we got a glimpse of that classic Joe Biden smile...

Later on, we go proud dad Joe Biden...

And then we got this:

Which caused quite the reaction online...

@DeirdreS @LoganRhoades Okay I'm sorry I spit my ice cream at this. xD

“@LoganRhoades: LOOK AT JOE BIDEN!!! ” the realist G

Joe Biden is the worlds Number one hype man and he's the best at it

I want to be best friends with Joe Biden and go to Dairy Queen together and tell each other all of our secrets

Joe Biden will always be the funniest person in the room, just because he is Joe Biden.

Lmaooo I need this on a hoodie “@LoganRhoades: LOOK AT JOE BIDEN!!! ”

Joe Biden wins the Oscar for best scene stealer

But how proud do you feel on a scale of 1 to Joe Biden during the state of the union address

Joe Biden has to be the funniest politician ever.

Iconic, indeed.

“@LoganRhoades: LOOK AT JOE BIDEN!!! ” Iconic

Never change, Joe. Never change.