The World Series Trophy Is Pretty Cool In Person

    And Jack Morris' mustache is still outstanding.

    The World Series Trophy visited BuzzFeed today.

    Accompanied by Jack Morris, who has four World Series championships, five All-Star appearances, a World Series MVP title, and one impeccable mustache.

    So we asked him about the trophy.

    And about his time with the Blue Jays:

    About getting nervous on the big stage during the playoffs:

    And about the Alex Rodriguez scandal:

    Then we learned a few things. For instance, did you know that players and coaches can purchase replicas of the trophy?

    And that MLB would prefer you don't put a baby (or a pretend baby) in it. ("Maybe just set it on the side," the trophy's handler said.)

    Advantage: Lord Stanley.

    Mostly, we gawked at the trophy like little kids and were impressed by how down-to-earth and humble Jack Morris is.

    Moral of the story: All your World Series trophies belong to Jack Morris.

    The playoffs continue tonight and tomorrow on TBS; the league championship series begin Friday on TBS (NL) and Saturday on Fox (AL).