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The World Series Trophy Is Pretty Cool In Person

And Jack Morris' mustache is still outstanding.

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So we asked him about the trophy.

BuzzFeed / Macey Foronda

He said: "It's heavy... Fingerprints are hard to get off." Jack Morris' thoughts on the World Series trophy are practical ones, which makes sense because he's won four of them. (The one pictured here will be given to the winner of the 2013 series. In coming weeks T-Mobile and MLB will be bringing it to Boston, Los Angeles, and the other two cities whose teams win spots in the ALCS and NLCS.)


Then we learned a few things. For instance, did you know that players and coaches can purchase replicas of the trophy?

BuzzFeed / Macey Foronda

And, yes, the flags on the old trophies (like the ones Jack has) can be moved around. Sadly, the newer versions are more solid and don't wiggle.


Mostly, we gawked at the trophy like little kids and were impressed by how down-to-earth and humble Jack Morris is.

BuzzFeed / Macey Foronda

Asked which World Series run was his favorite, he responded: "The Detroit win was great because that team came up through the system together, the second was the MVP year [as in the time Jack Morris pitched 10 shutout innings in Game 7 to win the World Series MVP award], and '92 and '93 were great because they were Canada's first World Series so we had the entire country pulling for us."

Moral of the story: All your World Series trophies belong to Jack Morris.

The playoffs continue tonight and tomorrow on TBS; the league championship series begin Friday on TBS (NL) and Saturday on Fox (AL).