If Sports Skills Are Life Skills, These People Are Screwed

    Coaches often say that sports teach us about life. And if that's the case for these folks...uh oh.

    1. The Parkour Double Kong:

    2. The Headfirst Dive:

    3. The False Start:

    4. The BMX False Start:

    5. The Push Start:

    6. The Ramp Split:

    7. The "Look Ma, No Hands":

    8. The Rain Racer:

    9. The Beach Ramp:

    10. The Lake Ramp:

    11. The Pole Vault:

    12. The Two-Handed Forehand:

    13. The Chair Dunk:

    14. The Friend Step Ladder:

    15. The Throwdown:

    16. The TV Tee Ball:

    17. The Bat Hammer:

    18. The Ski Jump:

    19. The Curb Jump:

    20. The No-Gap Ramp:

    21. The Bar Twirl:

    22. The Roof Leap:

    23. The Handrail Hurdle:

    24. The Desk Hurdle:

    25. The Porta-Potty Jump:

    26. The Piñata Strike:

    27. Rob Ford Trying To Play Football: