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Hundreds Of Corgis Got Together For Corgi Beach Day And It Was Adorable

It's the best event of the year!

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In 2012, a small group of corgis met at the Huntington Dog Beach in Southern California for the first annual Corgi Beach Day. This weekend, nearly 500 corgis attended the event.

Some tried swimming for the first time...

Others wanted to test the water first.

While others just looked good.

And at least one brave corgi attempted surfing.

There was a costume contest...

(Although not every corgi wanted to participate.)

Some were just there to soak up the sun...

Or do a little bit of both.

And there was, of course, digging and lying in holes.

And getting buried in the sand for a little corgi nap.

But best of all, it didn't matter if you went by yourself...

Because everyone met new friends.

It was a great day for corgis.

And even better for corgi lovers.

Thanks to our commenters, we have learned that So Cal Corgi Beach day is a quarterly event. The next meet up will take place on July 11 at the Huntington Dog Beach.

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