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Jun 10, 2014

How To Be The Perfect USA Soccer Fan, According To Clint Dempsey

"The big signs with the replica of our faces are pretty great."

BuzzFeed sat down with US men's soccer captain Clint Dempsey during a recent media event to find out how USA fans should act in Brazil.

David Madison / Getty

Should fans wear a jersey?


Clint Dempsey: Yes.

BuzzFeed: Personalized?

CD: If you can afford it, yeah. Get your favorite player.

Paint their face?


CD: Yeah, it's awesome to see that and to know that the fans support you and believe in you. It feels like the people are behind you and it gives you a little sense of home.

Bring a sign?


CD: If there is a certain player you're trying to get the attention of, you have a better chance with a sign than without one. When I'm playing games, I can't help but read the different signs. The big signs with the replica of our faces are pretty great. When people have a passion for a certain player, players are able to notice that.


Ezra Shaw / Getty

CD: Definitely. You can hear the chants in the games that take place in the states. In the World Cup, it's just chaos. It's just all kinds of different noises. For example, in South Africa there were the vuvuzelas, so it sounded like you were in a beehive. You can't really hear all that they're chanting, but you can pan around and see the people going crazy. It's cool.

Should fans bring an instrument?

Kyle Rivas / Stringer

CD: I guess you got to, if it's the World Cup. You gotta go big or go home. The big drums are cool.

Okay, so what should fans NOT do?

Jonathan Ferrey / Stringer

CD: Go crazy, but within a certain limit. You don't ever want it to go too far and get hurt. When you see certain situations when fans get hurt, like when fans fall on each other or fights break out, you don't want to see that. Other than that, I like it all. I'm not against going all out.