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    How Accurate Have Jimmy Fallon's Puppies Been At Predicting The Outcome Of Sporting Events?


    2013 Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

    Prediction: Baltimore Ravens

    As you can tell, the lead puppy looked at his options and decided to run back (he was probably a Broncos fan and still in disbelief that they lost the divisional game), allowing Arnold to jump ahead and confidently pick the Ravens. There seemed to be little doubt in Arnold's mind and his decision influenced all the other puppies.

    Winner: Baltimore Ravens (won 34-31)

    The Final Four: Louisville, Michigan, Wichita State, Syracuse

    Prediction: Wichita State

    Roger Blain was representing the Wichita State team and he opened up to an early lead and never looked back. There was some slight hesitation toward the end, and rightfully so — Wichita State was the underdog (HA!) competing on a big stage — but in the end, there was little doubt as Roger beat all the other puppies to the bowl.

    Winner: Louisville (defeated Michigan 82-76)

    The 2013 Kentucky Derby

    Prediction: Verrazano

    Much like the experts, Barry Frick had a tough time picking a winner. It was clear from the start that horse racing is not his predicting strength, but after some encouragement from Jimmy, Barry made a safe pick with a horse who had 6-1 odds.

    Winner: Orb (Verrazano finished in 14th place)

    NFL Season Opener: Denver Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens

    Prediction: Denver Broncos

    It was a toss-up at the beginning with an even amount of puppies predicting both teams, but then the momentum shifted to the Denver side, and the puppies decided to put their faith behind Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

    Winner: Denver Broncos (won 49-27)

    2013 World Series: Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals

    Prediction: Boston Red Sox

    At first it seemed like the puppies were going to go with the St. Louis Cardinals (most likely because of the Cards' pitching rotation), but the puppies suddenly changed direction and predicted the Boston Red Sox to win the world series (two puppies to one).

    Winner: Boston Red Sox (won the series 4-2)


    • 60% accuracy (3/5 correct).

    • 100% accuracy when there are only two options.

    • There has never been a winning bowl on the puppies' left.

    • Puppies are adorable 100% of the time.