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    Hockey Goaltender Features Care Bears, Winnie The Pooh, And My Little Pony On His Helmet

    Nothing's more intimidating than a pony and a teddy bear.

    Goalie masks in hockey are basically their own form of art. Here's a masterpiece mask from former Chicago Blackhawks backup goaltender Ray Emery.

    Yep. That's Cheer Bear (minus the rainbow belly), Roo from Winnie the Pooh, and what BuzzFeed's in-house pony experts have determined to be an obscure character from My Little Pony because they straight up do not know who that is. At this point, our best guess is Ocean Breeze.

    And so we ask, what do you guys think? Is MacIntyre's helmet fantastic or kind of embarrassing? But more importantly, WHO IS THAT PONY?!

    UPDATE: You guys did it! Apparently the pony is Pinkie Pie, but MacIntyre changed the color to cyan blue in order to avoid copyright issues. Thanks for the heads up, Steven.