Here’s What Happens When You Ask A Bunch Of Adults To Label What Their Headaches Feel Like

The tiny hammers. Oh my god, all of those hammers.

1. We gave adults a blank template and told them draw what their headaches feel like. Here are the results:

2. Some people feel pain in a particular location.

9. Or for a particular reason.

10. For some, it feels like nails are getting hammered into their heads.

13. Others feel quick bursts of pain.

15. Some feel heat.

17. While others just have general pain everywhere.

20. A few people feel like crap.

22. And several of our test subjects experience it all.

28. Which can be a little overwhelming.

30. And make you want to kill yourself…

31. Or others.

32. So if you’re one of the lucky people who don’t get headaches…

34. Please just shut up.

Add your own illustration in the comments section below using this template:

Template provided by Athey.

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