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    For Anyone Who Originally Saw A White-Gold Dress, But Now See Blue-Black

    Nothing makes sense anymore!

    This dress is blue and black.

    But there was a time when this dress wasn't. It was white and gold, damn it!

    In fact, you were so confident that it was white and gold that you thought people were saying the colors were blue and black just to mess with you.

    I have literally never been more confused in my life. Where y'all getting blue and black? Is everyone trolling me?

    the dress is white and gold how do people see blue and black..

    Guys I can't see how #TheDress is black and blue!!! #TheDressIsWhiteAndGold!

    Then the impossible happened. Right in front of your eyes, the dress turned blue and black.


    At first i saw white and gold but then i saw it again and it was blue and black

    first couple of times I seen that dress I seen it black & blue but now I see white & gold ???!!! what the actual fuck

    Omg! At the beginning I could only see white and gold and now I can only see black and blue. I need help!!

    "Surely that must be a different picture," you thought to yourself...


    But how could that be? How could a white-and-gold dress, which you KNOW you saw, now be black and blue? That doesn't make any sense!

    This dress thing doesn't make sense, some pictures I see it as blue and black other I see it as gold and white 😅

    Actually crying cause this dress thing doesn't make sense #mindfuck

    And so now here you are, in a black-and-blue dress world, wondering what happened and how you ever saw white and gold in the first place.

    I'm so confused right now I don't know what color it is😩 #TheDress

    for real now #TheDress still fucks me up like what the actual hell is going on

    Looked at #TheDress and it was white and gold. Then it turned blue and black before my very eyes... What?! #soconfused 😲

    It's a scary state to be in because you feel like your whole life is a lie and nothing is real.

    Just when I thought I was over #TheDress I spot the picture again and it's changed to black and blue. I'm done. I hate everything.

    The dress is blue and my life is a lie. #TheDress

    Damn you, blue-and-black dress, damn you!