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Extremely Detailed "Rocky" Breakdown Deserves A Nobel Prize In Movie Science

The proof is in the montage.

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Thanks to Fathom Information Design, we now know how every single Rocky movie breaks down in terms of the amount of time devoted to dialogue, training, montage, pre-fight, fight and credits sequences.


As you can see, Rocky and Rocky II rely heavily on dialogue to move the story along, whereas Rocky III and Rocky IV could care less about that sort of thing. As for Rocky V, well, we just don't talk about that one.


The "training" breakdown is a bit misleading because it doesn't count any training done during a montage — which is obviously the key to most of Rocky Balboa's preparation —but it's still interesting to note the difference between the first and last films.



Aside from the first film, which had to introduce characters and a backstory, the entire series is pretty well-rounded when it comes to the amount of time actually dedicated to fighting.

As Fathom points out, "Dialogue beats out training and fighting in the first two Rocky films, but fighting and montage occupy the most time in Rocky III and Rocky IV. Rocky V favors dialogue over fighting — undisputedly slowing its pace next to the previous films. In the final round, Rocky sticks with dialogue over fighting but Rocky delivers one last montage and fight scene to close out the series and complete the Rocky Morphology."

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