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    Drunk Vs. Sober Beer Pong

    Does getting drunk help you at beer pong? We decided to find out...

    It's a common party myth that the more you drink, the better you get at beer pong. But is this ACTUALLY true? We decided to find out...

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    Over the course of two days, we tested this theory through a fairly simple skills challenge: how many attempts does it take to shoot a ping pong ball into three cups?

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    There was also a maximum of 25 shos attempts...

    Since you play more games while you drink, the first day was an ALL SOBER DAY to see if the players just got naturally better with more practice.

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    The results were a little surprising, tbh...

    On Day 2, the players performed the skills challenge again (sober), then started drinking...until they got drunk.

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    SPOILER: They got REALLY drunk

    Four games later, they were tested again, and we compared the results.

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    Fun Fact: Chelsea throws underhand. We don't know why. We also still don't know if it works.

    And we basically found out that the only thing to really change with enthusiasm. In other words, you probably don't get better as you get drunk, but you will have a lot more fun.

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